New regs for Monday: Comment period extended on computer energy efficiency proposal

Clean water:
Students and faculty of American University asked the Environmental Protection Agency to prohibit the chemical hydrofluorosilicic acid from being used to fluoridate water, but the agency denied the request because it did not believe that there was “an unreasonable risk” to the public. 

The Bureau of Land Management is proposing new rules for coalmines that would clarify a royalty rate of 12.5 percent for some coal, establish new processing fees and withdraw old guidelines.

In response to requests from the public, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is denying that it needs to give more guidance about an exception for oilfield operations from rules on the number of hours truckers can work. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is asking the public to weigh in on potential new rules for catching mackerel and squid in the Mid-Atlantic. 

The EPA is deleting a Superfund cleanup site in Oklahoma from its national list and surveying the public on the site’s removal. 

The Federal Communications Commission is closing a workshop to model costs for a national broadband effort.