New regs for Tuesday: Candy coloring additive approved

Education grants:
The Department of Education has new rules for evaluating the performance of programs funded by federal grants.

The 109-page regulation will allow the department “to be more effective and efficient when selecting grantees,” it said, and have better data to show to lawmakers and the American public. 

Energy efficiency:
The Energy Department wants to issue regulations requiring certain commercial boilers to be energy-efficient. 

Endangered species:
A plant found in parts of Arizona and Utah called the Gierisch mallow is being declared endangered by the Fish and Wildlife Service, and critical habitat is being designated to protect the species.

Indian courts:
The Bureau of Indian Affairs is amending a list of tribes with tribal courts by adding two and removing five from the list. 

The Internal Revenue Service is proposing regulations that would give some taxpayers relief from their obligations under certain conditions.

New rules govern the implementation of measures for a divorced spouse whose partner owes taxes and other provisions. 

Communications networks:
The Federal Communications Commission is changing its rules for the government’s map of broadband access across the country. The changes are intended to reduce reporting burdens and “improve the quality and usefulness of data collected” according to the new rule. 

The comment period for guidelines to make passenger ships like ferries more accessible to people with disabilities is being extended by four months. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is proposing new regulations that would increase the 2013 quota for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The agency is also increasing the allowable catch of yellowtail snapper in the Atlantic, changing rules for groundfish in the Pacific and making corrections and clarifications to regulations covering tilefish

Additionally, a company’s allocated quota of pollock is being reallocated from the Aleutian Islands to the Bering Sea. 

Child care:
The Department of Health and Human Services is reopening the comment period for new rules on the Child Care and Development Fund, which the federal government uses to support state-based child care services while parents are working or in school.