Electric co-ops come out swinging against Obama greenhouse gas plan

“The president’s plan would increase electricity cost on all Americans, and that is a tax we can least afford when our economy is just beginning to recover,” said the association’s chief executive, Jo Ann Emerson, in an online video

“The president’s plan with all these new regulations, that is going to steal all of that investment money that we need right here to help our communities grow and prosper for our children and our grandchildren,” she added.

The White House is currently reviewing a proposed rule that would set limits on the amount of carbon dioxide new power plants can emit. A separate proposal, due next summer, would regulate the emissions from plants already in operation.

In a release, the electric cooperative association called the video the first in its coordinated campaign against the new rules.

The association represents more than 900 nonprofit rural electric cooperatives, which serve 42 million Americans across the country.