New regs for Wednesday: States to be able to deny replacement SNAP cards requests

Those state agencies will be able to deny requests for replacement cards and require that the household be in touch with them, though they will also be “required to protect vulnerable persons,” including the homeless and people with disabilities, who may lose their cards.

Other provisions of the rule require that states can replace the cards within two days and that they keep track of replacement requests.

Legal aid:
The Legal Services Corporation, which funds legal aid for people with low incomes, is proposing new rules to assist aliens in the country.

The proposal updates which aliens are eligible for aid under provisions that protect people who are abused or treated cruelly and adds protections for foreigners who are in the country temporarily to work in forestry.

The Environmental Protection Agency is again delaying a rule on formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products like particleboard.

The agency had already extended the public comment period once, and is doing so again after receiving requests for more time. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission is issuing new rules governing audits and responsibility rules for broker-dealers. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs is changing the forms it uses to pay for some veterans’ care. 

The Postal Regulatory Commission has new draft rules for market tests of experimental products. 

Parental consent:
The Federal Trade Commission is asking the public to weigh in on an application for a new method of obtaining parental consent for websites to collect and use their children’s personal information. 

Dealers of poultry and pigs have new rules that clarify how the animals are weighed

The National Marine Fisheries Service is issuing new rules for permits to catch swordfish and proposing new regulations for catching bluefin tuna.