New regs for Thursday: EPA reviewing emission rule

After the agency released the regulation, it received three petitions to reconsider it. Those requests came from an energy company, a group of environmentalists organizations and Delaware’s natural resources department. 

As a result, the EPA is now asking the public to weigh in on the requests and see whether amendments should be made to the rule.

“The EPA plans to issue a final decision on these issues as expeditiously as possible,” it said in the notice

Endangered species:
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is extending the public comment period for proposals to take the gray wolf off of the Endangered Species List and to revise the status of the Mexican wolf population.

The Surface Transportation Board is finalizing a change to its rules for the leases and sales of railroads.

The board expects that each year just four small rail carriers, out of the 560 in the country, will be affected by the rule change. 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is issuing temporary new regulations for taxpayers who use some debt mechanisms. In addition, the agency is proposing the rules to take effect on a permanent basis. 

People with disabilities:
The Federal Communications Commission is extending the period for Americans to submit comments on its proposal to require that Internet videos be watched with closed captioning. The initiative is meant to help people who are deaf or have trouble hearing take full advantage of modern technology.