New regs for Monday: Paper industry gets federal help

The Department of Agriculture is proposing to set up a program to promote paper and paper-based packaging.

Technically known as a promotion, research and information order, the program would seek to boost the demand for American paper.

 “The purpose of the program would be to maintain and expand markets for paper and paper-based packaging,” the department said.

The order would be supported by a fee on American paper manufacturers, and will be established if it is approved by a majority of manufacturers and importers. 

The USDA is also finalizing new requirements for farmers that grow Vidalia onions in Georgia and issuing guidance for renewing substances on its list of organic products

The Homeland Security and Treasury departments are finalizing a rule to extend restrictions on imports of archaeological findings from Cambodia.

If they were not renewed, the restrictions would have expired Sept. 19. The prohibitions are being extended until 2018. 

The Coast Guard is hitting the breaks on regulations for liquid chemicals.

The agency announced that it would be pushing back the effective date of rules that will update and revise a list of hazardous materials and gas that can be transported by vessels in order "to give the public additional time in advance of implementing the interim rule."

The Federal Aviation Administration is issuing new rules for flight instructors and pilots

“These changes relieve regulatory burdens and clarify existing regulations,” the agency said.

The IRS is proposing regulations to recover some overpayments and issue new restrictions on bonds. 

The Justice Department wants to update its rules for making sure that it does not inappropriately violate Americans’ privacy and collect their personal information.

The changes are being proposed because of “a recent reorganization” in the department’s drug office, the department said in its proposal. 

The Merit Systems Protections Board, which is tasked with protecting the rights of federal employees, is finalizing changes to its whistle-blower protection regulations to make sure they conform to the law. 

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is denying a request that it issue new rules on devices that have been exempt from its licensing. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is prohibiting commercial pollock fishing in an area off the coast of Alaska and telling fishers not to retain sharks caught in the Bering Sea. Both actions are being taken to prevent overfishing.