New regs for Thursday: Australian mangoes coming to US

In order to enter the country, however, the fruits will have to be treated with irradiation to kill possible weevils and fruit flies and meet other conditions.

“This action would allow the importation of mangoes from Australia while continuing to protect against the introduction of plant pests into the United States,” the department said. 

The Department of Transportation is withdrawing a proposal to create new training standards for truckers applying for a commercial driver’s license.

According to the department’s notice, after it published the proposal in 2007 it received comments that “raised substantive issues which had led the Agency to conclude that it would be inappropriate to move forward with a final rule based on the proposal.”

Instead, it will start work on a new set of draft rules for commercial drivers’ training. 

The department is also looking to issue regulations that would exclude some activities from environmental assessment requirements. 

Finally, the National Transportation Safety Board is finalizing amendments to some of its rules as a result of the enactment of the Pilot’s Bill of Rights and proposing to change regulations for emergency cases. 

World Trade Center:
The Department of Health and Human Services is adding prostate cancer to the list of health conditions covered by a federal program that helps first responders and survivors of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. 

The department was asked to consider adding prostate cancer by a New York City police officers’ union, after surveying over 25,000 first responders currently already enrolled in the government program.

Endangered species:
The Mount Charleston blue butterfly, which lives in Nevada, is an endangered species, according to a new rule from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

The wildlife service is also announcing that it will accept additional comments on its proposal to list the Gunnison sage-grouse, a type of bird, as endangered. 

Additionally, the National Marine Fisheries Service, which regulates endangered species in the ocean, is announcing that it will conduct a review to determine whether or not the Alabama shad should be declared a threatened or endangered species. 

The National Credit Union Administration wants to clarify in its rules that federal credit unions can fund hybrid charitable and investment accounts, as long as the charities meet certain conditions. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs is adopting a rule to change eligibility requirements for veterans seeking financial assistance to buy an automobile or other equipment. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is finalizing a rule to reorganize fishing plans in the Southeast.