New regs for Monday: Litchi fruit, power plants

The regulation is a pillar of the White House’s climate strategy for President Obama’s second term, but has been met with swift criticism from Republicans and the energy sector that worry that the regulation will amount to a de factor ban on coal. 

Medical devices:
The Food and Drug Administration is creating a system to identify medical devices. The final regulation calls for a unique identification code for each device and “will substantially reduce existing obstacles to the adequate identification of medical devices used in the United States,” according to the agency. 

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is publishing amendments to its rules for mortgage lenders

The changes, finalized last week, come in responses to suggestions and concerns about its earlier version of the regulations. 

The Department of Veterans Affairs is proposing to amend its rules for a group life insurance program that it oversees. 

The agency wants to make sure that it has the legal authority to gain “full access to records held by the insurer or on behalf of the insurer” from whom the department purchased a policy.

Legal rules:
The Justice Department is setting forth a process to certify state officials who want to review the cases of poor prisoners. The regulation will let the states examine the cases of patients on death row to assure that competency standards are met. 

Also, the Department of Health and Human Services is issuing new rules for tort claims. 

The Mine Safety and Health Administration is extending its comment period for work on finding alternative refuges for coal miners working underground. 

Federal workers:
The Office of Personnel Management is updating the codes it uses to determine wages for federal employees. 

The Department of Homeland Security is proposing to change the way it keeps its records to exempt from portions of the Privacy Act

Fishing and hunting:
The National Marine Fisheries Service is halting commercial fishing for king mackerel in the western part of the Gulf of Mexico to prevent overfishing, implementing rules for catching black sea bass in the South Atlantic and setting a catch limit for bigeye tuna in the Pacific. 

Additionally, the Fish and Wildlife Service is setting the season, hours and areas for hunting waterfowl like ducks and other birds