Crash victim families meet with feds on flight safety rules

The OMB is currently reviewing a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule, in the works since 2009, to beef up crew and dispatcher training standards.

“The rulemaking would enhance traditional training programs by requiring the use of flight simulation training devices for flight crewmembers and including additional training requirements in areas that are critical to safety,” the White House said in a description of the regulation. “The changes are intended to contribute significantly to reducing aviation accidents.” 

In its semiannual guidebook of new regulations, the FAA expected the regulation to be issued in December.

In July, the FAA significantly raised the number of flight training hours pilots need to log before they could fly a commercial plane, from 250 to 1,500.

That standard came just days after an Asiana Airlines flight crashed in San Francisco, killing two people and injuring more than 180. The pilot in that crash had spent only 43 hours flying the Boeing 777 at the time of the accident.