New regs for Friday: Food safety lab fees

The labs are accredited by the federal government and check meat and poultry samples to make sure they are safe for human consumption, but pay a $5,000 fee to be able to do so.

The department is developing a new formula for determining that fee, but to give it more time to complete that calculus it is extending the current charge

Additionally, the Food and Drug Administration is releasing industry guidance on complying with rules on declaring color additives in animal food. 

Oil and gas:
The Interior Department is taking more time to develop a rule on oil and gas rig safety systems.

The agency announced in a notice that it would accept comments on its August proposal for an additional 45 days because it “received a number of requests from multiple oil and gas companies and industry groups” for more time to weigh in. 

The Federal Aviation Administration is changing the requirements for flights to carry emergency medical equipment.

In its new rule, the agency is allowing defibrillators and emergency kits to be missing or inoperative for one flight, since they “would rarely be used on back-to-back flights…” 

The Federal Communications Commission is asking the public to comment on a request from DISH Network for more flexibility. 

The United States should be able to import fresh potatoes from Mexico, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is declaring in a new proposal.

Before coming into the country, the potatoes would have to meet certain standards to prevent the spread of pests. 

The National Marine Fisheries Service is halting fishing for large coastal and hammerhead sharks in the Atlantic and Summer flounder in the state of New York to prevent overfishing. 

The agency is also proposing changes to some reporting requirements, edits to snapper rules in the South Atlantic and releasing specifications for a limit to commercial fishing in Hawaii.