New regs for Tuesday: CEO pay, home care worker rules get published

The measure, which the SEC adopted on Sept. 18, was called for by the Dodd-Frank Act as a way to tell investors about companies’ finances and assist workers during pay negotiations.

Businesses have opposed the regulation, charging that it is merely symbolic and will distract companies and investors from underlying financial information.

Home care workers:
The Labor Department is publishing its regulation to assure domestic care workers are being paid a minimum wage and overtime.

The final rule closes a loophole in the country’s labor laws that exempted people who sit with and care for the elderly and disabled, which was originally meant for neighbors and family friends. 

Opponents of the new rule, which the Obama administration had pushed to finalize after more than a decade in the works, say it will cause home care expenses to skyrocket. 

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is issuing regulations for manufactured homes

The new rules will allow manufacturers and retailers to report problems with the homes so that they can be fixed.

According to the department, the rules “establish a system of protections with respect to imminent safety hazards and violations of the federal construction and safety standards, assuring a minimum of formality and delay, while protecting the rights of all parties.”

The Departments of Homeland Security and the Treasury are finalizing rules to implement the U.S.-Colombia trade deal. 

Endangered species:
Federal wildlife regulators have determined that two types of cactus deserve special protections.

The acuña cactus and the Fickeisen plains cactus are being added to the Endangered Species List. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is adopting a measure to update its surface transportation rules. 

Additionally, the Coast Guard is extending a suspension of reporting requirements for some barges, since the agency is still analyzing whether or not to change its rules. 

Oil and gas:
The Interior Department is increasing a number of fees for oil-and-gas development.