Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

dlc_logo_sml.gifThe DLC is a nonprofit corporation (501(c)(4)) whose mission is to promote public debate within the Democratic Party and the public at large about national and international policy and political issues. Specifically, as the founding organization of the New Democrat movement, the DLC's goal is to modernize the progressive tradition in American politics for the 21st Century by advancing a set of innovative ideas for governing through a national network of elected officials and community leaders.  At its heart are three principles: promoting opportunity for all; demanding responsibility from everyone; and fostering a new sense of community.

Who are the Swing Voters?: Key Groups that Decide National Elections

Through an in-depth analysis of exit poll data from the last five presidential elections and the 2006 Congressional election, co-authors Al From and Victoria Lynch identify which voter categories, if recent historical patterns hold, would most likely make the difference between a Democratic or Republican victory this November and could be the key to a long-term governing majority. The study defines these crucial "swing voters" in detail using trends in voter demographics such as race, geography, gender, and education levels.   The DLC study finds that white men and women with at least a high school education but no college degree swing the outcome of a general election by an astonishing average of 6.7 percentage points between elections that Democrats win and lose.