Frances Kernodle Associates, Inc. (FKA)

FKA_logo.jpgFrances Kernodle Associates, Inc. (FKA) is a certified woman-owned small business that has earned more than seventeen years of experience in developing and implementing successful programs to research, communicate, and document findings in support of a variety of regional, national and international public- and private-sector organizations.  Since 1991, FKA has been dedicated to providing strategic and practical results to a diverse client base on wide-ranging issues including transportation and infrastructure, economic development, homeland security and emergency management.

The Value of Infrastructure Asset Management

Since the 1990s, transportation asset management (TAM) has been gaining increasing popularity.  As state transportation budgets are stretched and stakeholders, including the public, demand that agencies do more with less, the ability to manage the government’s largest asset –– the nation’s roads and highways –– requires a systematic approach.  The focus of this white paper is to highlight the trend towards and benefits of transportation asset management in a public sector transportation environment.

Aging Infrastructure: Highlighting Issues Facing U.S. Highways, Bridges & Mass Transit

Aging infrastructure is no longer an issue peculiar to the domain of transportation officials and engineers.  From the Minneapolis bridge collapse to failing elevators and escalators in D.C.’s Metro subway system, the general public is being impacted by aging infrastructure.  The focus of this white paper is to highlight issues pertaining to highways, bridges and mass transit.