MSFT_new.gifMicrosoft publishes articles in order to help foster a better public understanding of technology as well as help stimulate a public dialog on the benefits of technology. This series of articles focuses on key topics and efforts supported by Microsoft, such as DigiGirlz, a program to encourage the use of technology among young girls; Play Safe/Play Smart, an article on online gaming safety; and Creating Opportunities, a look at the ecosystem of creating jobs in America.

Play Smart, Play Safe

Video games are an increasingly rich and multifaceted form of interactive entertainment enjoyed by millions of adults as well as young people today. Many parents are understandably concerned, however, about children being exposed to inappropriate content in some games. A few games are particularly troubling because they let players pretend at violent and antisocial behavior.

A Watershed Moment

A wave of innovation could be unleashed soon—if Washington lets it. The potential for progress comes from vacant frequencies, known as the “white spaces,” in the TV spectrum band. Their use could enable many technological advances and bring huge consumer benefits, including the greatest improvements in Internet access since the advent of Wi-Fi.

Advancing Online Privacy

Access to online information and services has brought enormous benefits to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Consumers and policymakers are understandably concerned, however, about potential misuses of personal information and other data gathered via the Internet. Microsoft shares in these concerns and is working hard to strengthen online privacy and security.

A New Generation

American brainpower is the basis for the nation’s leadership in today’s global, high-tech economy. Our future competitiveness is threatened, however, because we increasingly lag far behind many of our economic rivals in one vitally important respect: in attracting young people to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics.