NCB Capital Impact

NCB_CI_Logo_CMYK3.jpgNCB Capital Impact, an affiliate of NCB, is a national nonprofit organization that empowers America's underserved communities to progress. NCB Capital Impact creates access to capital and expert technical assistance otherwise unavailable for low- and moderate-income communities by combining both financial and development services for more:- Affordable Cooperative Homeownership- Health Care Facilities- Education / Charter Schools Facilities- Community-Based Long-Term Care

The Green House Project GUIDE BOOK For Transforming Long-Term Care

We appreciate your interest in THE GREEN HOUSE® Replication Initiative (GHRI), a technical assistance initiative of NCB Capital Impact, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The goal of the initiative is to develop Green House® homes with fifty or more organizations throughout the country. We would like to partner with projects that are geographically diverse, represent a mixture of rural, urban and suburban settings, have a diverse sponsorship, and are able to replicate the model quickly.

Innovative Solutions for Affordable Long Term Care: Affordable Assisted Living

Increasing demand for long-term care (LTC) and limited capacity to meet that demand, both financially and operationally, comprise one of our nation’s most significant domestic challenges. Medicaid remains the default LTC financing source. However, states and the federal government are publicly stating that the current financing system is not sustainable. At the same time, government is attempting to better understand Medicaid-financed home and community-based service (HCBS) arrangements and non-Medicaid LTC financing options to slow such spending.

Shared Equity Ownership Initiative

Homeownership remains a major goal for low and moderate income households seeking to increase housing stability, independence and wealth. Affordable home ownership remains a major goal for state and local governments to promote vibrant, stable neighborhoods; reduce poverty; and secure their tax base. Creating affordable homeownership, however, has grown more difficult. Median home prices increased by over 60% between 1996 and 2006 while median income increased by just 35%.