VOICES for a Malaria-Free Future

Bloomberg.jpgVOICES for a Malaria-Free Future strives to educate policymakers about effective strategies for malaria control by highlighting successful programs and evidence-based results.  VOICES advocacy projects in Ghana, Kenya, Mali, and Mozambique also promote progress against the disease, while breaking down policy barriers that hamper anti-malaria efforts.

PMI Annual Report 2008

This report summarizes the initial successes of the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI),  a historic five-year expansion of U.S. Government resources to fight malaria in 15 countries most affected by the disease.  The report highlights the results of PMI efforts, like the PMI program in Tanzania, where a 2007 survey of 10 health facilities in this country showed a greater than 90 percent decline in the proportion of blood smears positive for malaria in children under two years of age, from 22 percent in 2005 to just 0.7 percent in 2007.  


Key facts about malaria, a preventable and treatable infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes that needlessly kills more than one million people each year, most of them in sub-Saharan Africa.