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Government debt

Hedge fund snake oil for Puerto Rico

Following the hedge fund recommendations would lead Puerto Rico to years of economic misery.

Our Thelma and Louise government

Kicking the fiscal can down the road is analogous to driving a car off the cliff.

Greece's bizarre referendum

If ever there were a pointless referendum with no happy outcome, this has to be it.

Italy in Greece's economic shadow

While the euro could survive without Greece, it's difficult to see it doing so without Italy.

The 1789 Amendment (Sen. Judd Gregg)

During this week’s Senate debate of the fiscal year 2010 budget (the reported resolution), I...

Time to negotiate Puerto Rico's debt

It's time for all stakeholders to sit down and agree on a way out of the present predicament.

Was the euro a mistake?

Was Europe's common currency doomed from the start?

Is Puerto Rico America's Greece?

Despite their basic differences, Greece and Puerto Rico do share the same major challenge.

The Outlook for Taxpayers

Today is Tax Day in America.  Every year, this day serves an unfortunate reminder of how working...