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The treaty to end financial privacy

A mundane-sounding treaty, if ratified, will actually lead to increased identity theft.

Pitchforks at the fiscal gate

We are heading toward a fiscal cliff that threatens generations to come.

Pfizer rips off America

Through sky-high prices and a planned corporate inversion, the pharmaceutical company shortchanges...

Trump on the issues, past and present

A deeper look reveals a much more complicated history than his bombastic pronouncements.

How Obama could hijack tax reform

The president could offer reform that goes beyond what congressional Republicans propose.

IRS's illegal alien tax credit plan

Is this the last straw in the funding debate over Obama's unlawful executive amnesty decree?

Where does Trump stand on business?

His talk on taxes is welcome, but not his positioning against free trade.

Romney speaks up on Trump

Conservatives should quickly recognize that Romney is their one and only moral leader.

Pathway to an economic 'melt-up'

We need a systemic change in the way businesses are taxed.