1 Year Till the Midterms - November 6, 2013

Dem incumbents own dysfunctional Washington

When I accepted the position as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), I stressed the importance of investing heavily in human beings — from candidates to staff. Eleven months later, top-tier candidates and campaigns are emerging from Arkansas to Michigan, Louisiana to Alaska, and beyond.

A 2014 breakdown by issue

The Hill breaks down issues that will be at the front of the 2014 midterm elections

Dems playing offense in Kentucky, Georgia

Two years ago, no one thought Senate Democrats would hold our majority. We recruited great candidates, built strong campaigns, and implemented the right message and field strategy to actually pick up two seats. Democrats have inherited another difficult map this cycle, but with strong incumbents, more great recruits and plenty of Republican missteps, we’re confident we will win the majority again next year.

Voters won’t forget GOP shutdown

For the first time since the 2010 elections, the American people have seen what it looks like when the radical Tea Party philosophy comes to life.

GOP keeps check on Washington

One party in total control of Washington. Record debt. Record deficits. Massive bills shoved through Congress. No accountability. No transparency.