Cap and Trade (June 2009)

ACES Act lays solid foundation for nation’s clean-energy future

On May 21, the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrapped up deliberations on an historic energy bill, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES). As a senior member of this committee, it was my privilege to lend my full support to this historic legislation. I truly believe it will move our country forward and help us lead the world into a stronger, 21st-century clean-energy economy by promoting energy conservation, additional sources of energy, renewable energy and new energy technologies.

Democrats’ Cap and Tax rush job: all economic pain, no climate gain

The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership are attempting to push through global warming cap-and-trade legislation as quickly as possible, and for good reason: The more the public learns about what is in the bill, the more likely they are to oppose it.

GOP’s better alternative to Waxman-Markey bill

This week, House Republicans introduced the American Energy Act, an “all-of-the-above” energy plan as an alternative to the Democrats’ misguided cap-and-trade (Cap and Tax) proposal that is under debate in the House. The American Energy Act is based on the three principles of increasing production of American-made energy, promoting alternative and renewable energy, and encouraging greater efficiency and conservation. As energy prices continue to rise, our nation needs an energy plan that will immediately stabilize and lower energy prices, while providing a plan for our long-term energy solutions.