Children's Initiatives (November 2009)

Millions suffer from food allergies

Twelve million Americans suffer from food allergies. Three million of them are children.  And one of them is my daughter.

Schools must foster exercise and nutrition

As the mother of a 14-year-old, I’ve seen the inside of a school lunch room more than a few times, and I know firsthand that one of the biggest challenges parents face is making sure their children are eating right and staying active.

We should promote healthy lifestyles for America’s kids

As debate continues in Congress on healthcare, we are more aware than ever of the need to foster a national culture that prioritizes prevention and wellness of all people. No group is more essential to target than children, as the choices they make now will impact lifestyle choices throughout adulthood.

Education for disadvantaged youth

One of the most effective ways we can prepare our young people for success, and ensure our country’s future economic prosperity, is to invest in quality education for all. Before we were elected to Congress, we both worked hard as educators to provide our children with a solid educational foundation. As legislators, we have each fought to ensure that regardless of financial situation, every child can achieve academic success. Though we represent different sides of the aisle and sometimes have opposing viewpoints, we both agree that education is critical for the individual success of our young people and for the collective success of our nation.

A voice for kids, the Pediatric Cancer Caucus offers hope, knowledge, care

We tend to think of cancer as a disease that afflicts those later in life. The truth is that cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among children, and is among the leading causes of death overall for those under 15. Every day in this country, 46 children on average, more than two classrooms of kids, are diagnosed with some form of the life-threatening disease.