The Congressional Black Caucus’s priorities for the 113th Congress

Voter protection and empowerment: This includes but is not limited to protecting the Voting Rights Act, which includes restoring the Act’s “preclearance” powers, stricken by the June Supreme Court decision. The CBC will also work toward modernizing the voting system and eliminating barriers for eligible voters to cast their ballots.

Poverty and the economy: This includes championing policies that help eradicate to poverty in America, create and sustain jobs, provide parity in access to economic opportunity, particularly within the African American community, and protect against cuts to social and economic programs that are vital to African-Americans, seniors and other vulnerable populations. 

Immigration reform: This includes advancing legislation and policies that will lead to comprehensive immigration reform, with a voice in the reform debate for illegal immigrants of African descent, and addressing issues of mass detention and unjust criminality of immigrant populations.

The CBC has 18 task forces and working groups addressing the most pressing issues facing African-Americans:


Budget, Appropriations, and Taxation 

Civil Rights and Judiciary 

Justice System Reform Working Group

Voter Protection and Empowerment Working Group

Judicial Nominations Working Group 

Diversity Taskforce

Economic Development and Wealth Creation 

Poverty and the Economy 

Education and Labor  

Education Reform Working Group

Energy, Environment, and Agriculture 

Foreign Affairs and National Security 


Healthcare Reform Implementation Working Group

Immigration Reform 

Prison Telecom Reform Working Group

Technology and Infrastructure Development