Continuing Education (August 2010)

The job comes first

Wake-up calls at 5:30 a.m. and past-midnight bedtimes are just a way of life for those brave enough to further their education while working on the Hill.

A different path

For recent college graduates, the job market has always looked daunting — but following the economic downturn many are even less sure of how their degrees can translate into a career.

Continuing education calendar

Here are some great links to check out for graduate and other learning programs.

Importance of grad school

Blame it on the recession, or a generation of resume-building overachievers, but graduate degrees are becoming ubiquitous. In today’s ultra-competitive job market, graduate school applications are up significantly. Still, while advanced degrees might improve a resume, they are no golden ticket to employment.

Higher education is key to success

The movers and shakers of today credit their pursuit of higher education for their career success and developing their sense of selves.

Q&A with career counselor Susanne Maurer

Susanne Maurer is a licensed professional counselor and the founder and chief operations officer of Washington Career Services. She has worked as a career counselor for the George Washington University Career Center and has her M.A. in counseling psychology. 

Learning outside the box

When receiving their diplomas this past spring, many graduates heard their speaker deliver the oft-repeated commencement advice: Though your formal education may have ended, life is now your classroom.