Continuing Education (August 2011)

Learning about congress

For some Capitol Hill staffers, it’s not just about making laws when Congress is in session. It’s also a study session.

Teaching experience continues to inform lawmakers’ work

Rep. Betty McCollum (D-Minn.) describes her once-typical work day: “I’d start my day at 6 in the morning, I’d get home at 4 in the evening and after I fixed dinner for my kids, I’d be doing papers for another four hours,” McCollum said. “And I love what I did.”

Making education worth it

A new wave of portrayals of the graduate student have taken hold in today’s sluggish economy. It’s the stereotype of graduate students who leave their alma mater with fancy degrees only to find themselves jobless with sky-high debt and a crushed credit rating. As a result, students and faculty have come to ask themselves a vital question: Is grad school worth it?

Sitting down with a career counselor

Melissa Fireman is the founder and CEO of Washington Career Services, a firm specializing in organizational and career consulting for individuals, academia and industry. She holds an M.S. in organizational/clinical counseling from Johns Hopkins University and obtained her B.A. in sociology and business from the University of Maryland, College Park. She spoke to The Hill recently about her work.

Seeking out new challenges

Looking to start a new program but unsure where to start? Here are some interesting ones to look into, catering to multiple and varying interests.

STAR EMBA brings star success

Sports fans have a new way of viewing their favorite athletes thanks to George Washington University’s niche-degree program, STAR EMBA.