Try Blacksalt for seafood fix

Blacksalt is home to some of the most delicious seafood in the D.C. area and is well worth venturing a little out of your way for the experience. Tucked into a quiet corner of MacArthur Boulevard, surrounded by families with children eager for Palisades Pizzeria and young professionals stopping by Safeway is Blacksalt Fish Market and Restaurant.

Start your meal off with some cocktails — the orange-garnished negroni was my favorite — Blacksalt brings them to your table quickly and all with fresh ingredients.

The oysters come highly recommended if you’re interested in a lighter start to your meal. A great appetizer choice, the cocktail sauce and vinegar sauce are there if you need them, but these rumored aphrodisiacs are just fine on their own.

Blacksalt’s extensive fish menu can seem a bit intimidating, especially to those unfamiliar with seafood. Fortunately, the wait staff were extremely helpful in explaining the tastes and textures of each dish. 

While waiting for the kitchen to prepare your main course, Blacksalt’s bread comes out on a huge cutting board with a few different types to try. The whole wheat was some of the softest I’ve ever tasted. The bread comes with a delicious garlic dipping sauce, but remember not to overindulge yourself – the main course awaits.

The bass was seasoned to perfection, with just a hint of a butter that melted in your mouth. My dining partner enjoyed his perfectly prepared cod that came with potatoes. The tuna also is a must-try, as it was cooked exactly to my friend’s liking and tasted incredibly fresh. For the environmentally conscious in your group, Blacksalt’s fish are all sustainable.

Side dishes such as the grilled asparagus complemented the fish beautifully. Desserts at Blacksalt are an absolute must. Pies figure prominently in the menu, with three different kinds to choose from. Combining two of my favorites, the banana coconut crème pie is served almost too nicely to take a bite — until you do and never look back. Chocolate fudge is drizzled elegantly on top of gleaming white custard. The key lime pie was refreshing finish to the meal, the cool lime reminding me of warm summer evenings. The richest dessert of all was the peanut butter crunch pie, served smothered in chocolate. While it practically melted in your mouth, a couple of bites sufficed before feeling completely satisfied.

If you’re interested in dining at Blacksalt, a car might be needed or if you’re up for a little adventure, the D5 or D6 bus lines will get you there easily. For reservations, call (202) 342-9101.