We all scream for ice cream

As the weather gets warmer, many people’s taste buds tend to crave something cool and sweet. Here are some ice cool hot spots to check out in the D.C. area this summer.


1006 F St. NW & 5252 Wisconsin Ave. NW

FrozenYo is a delicious chain of two shops downtown and in the Friendship Heights neighborhood. Guests can choose from six different types of frozen yogurt, including two rotating flavors.

The greatest thing about FrozenYo is the fact that it charges you for yogurt by the ounce. At 37 cents per ounce, you can get the biggest cup of froyo and not go over five dollars.  Now that’s what I call a bargain!

The classic tart is a favorite and as far as rotating flavors go, dulce de leche is a great option. Sometimes they have free hot fudge too, so keep your eyes open for great deals.

Dolcezza Artisanal Gelato

1704 Connecticut Ave. NW

Visiting the multiple locations of Dolcezza around the area, you automatically feel as if you’re in a hip European city. Step inside to transport yourself to a gelato shop in Venice or Rome.

The gelato is concocted every morning in the Georgetown shop with ingredients are from local farmers. Also, for the caffeine lovers out there, Dolcezza serves espresso as well.

Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream Various locations

Serving everything from ice cream sundaes, to mix-ins to spoon into your treats, to even ice cream cupcakes, Maggie Moo’s is a great one-stop shop for anything ice cream related.

A great place for children, ordering treats for birthdays and the like is very easy (you can do it online at maggiemoos.com/ice_cream. There’s ice cream pizza and milkshakes as well as smoothies for the more health-conscious among us.

Dickey’s Frozen Custard 

1710 I St. NW

Frozen custard is the menu item of choice at this shop that also sells sandwiches and other snacks. While a little pricey, heading to Dickey’s is worth it because honestly, a frozen custard stand in the middle of downtown, what could be better?

Custard is great for the really hot days set to arrive in the next few weeks, as it doesn’t melt nearly as fast as normal ice cream does. Try peanuts as a topping, the employees drown the custard in it, making a delicious peanut parfait of sorts.


1609 Foxhall Rd. NW

Jetties looks like it belongs on the coast, in New England or Ocean City, Md. Can’t make it to the shore this summer, come here for milkshakes, low-fat frozen yogurt and ice cream in eight different flavors. 

In addition to the usual chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, try coffee, butter pecan, oreo, peppermint stick or mint chocolate chip.
Jetties isn’t in a Metro-accessible location, so it’s a great place to take a walk to and enjoy a melting cone on the benches on a hot summer day.

Max’s Best Homemade Ice Cream

2416 Wisconsin Avenue NW

Max’s Best Homemade Ice Cream reminds me of the neighborhood ice cream store from the town most of us grew up in. Owners Max and Marsha Keshani posted pictures all over their store of cute kids and famous Washingtonians licking their favorite flavors from Max’s.

The Keshanis offer around 30 different options of ice cream including English walnut, peppermint stick, cookies and cream and cookie dough.  Looking for a healthier-tasting option, why not try some of their fruit flavors?