Beer? Head to the Haus

As the days continue to grow longer and summer fast approaches, we hesitate to think that congressional work will accommodate the extra hours of sunlight.  But whenever the day’s final cloture vote concludes, make the trek to the Atlas District and dig deeper into another world of ‘foreign policy.’

The Biergarten Haus is your special envoy to the Old World, where lederhosen is an acceptable form of attire, shouting in the chamber is encouraged, and “considering a draft” is a far more enjoyable experience. 

Slated to open May 14th, the area’s only German-style beer garden will feature brats, sausage, overflowing steins, and rowdy drinking songs. 

Most impressive about the venue is the outdoor brick patio, where one would be hard-pressed to be convinced they weren’t back in Deutschland itself.  Between the hanging flags representing the different German counties, to the imported Oktoberfest style benches, owner Aaron McGovern hopes the Biergarten Haus experience truly lifts patrons out of their familiar DC confines.  Hanging plants and trees outline the open area, which will include a bar and kitchen to help service the picnic benches, seating roughly 300 patrons.  On weekends, accordion polka music will offer rounds of famous drinking songs, which should solidify the desired atmosphere and camaraderie amongst patrons. McGovern believes his soon-to-be customers expect it.  He explains that early loyalty from locals young and old includes donations of authentic German paraphernalia to use at his disposal, such as beer coasters and steins. 

The interior is just as authentic.  Walls are already stacked with liter steins, wooden beams and a vintage stained look will reinforce the décor established outside.  A mounted stag head and ram’s head are set up to preside over the entertainment, both upstairs and down.  As for the all important beer selection, McGovern has left the choices to be decided by beer-connoisseur Bill Catron, formerly of Brasserie Beck and more recently of De Vinos.  The choices will include a dozen different Belgians on tap, and potentially 20 more bottled.  

With the heat gauges creeping upward, this grand opening could not come at a better time.