Plenty of options at java joints

Boasting a quaint, light-blue exterior, Le Bon Cafe has ample outdoor seating for those who have a few extra minutes to spare, and free Wi-Fi for those who need to get some work done.

Le Bon sells the standard coffee and teas, and also has several sandwiches for the meat or veggie lover.

The service is incredibly fast, and for those who can’t wait an extra minute for a sandwich, the cafe has prepared salads to go.

The convenient location and plethora of options make Le Bon a great place for a quick coffee or lunch break.

Pound the Hill, 621 Pennsylvania Ave. SE — Just eight months old, this trendy coffee shop features a wide array of interesting and tasty drinks.

Pound the Hill’s most popular drink is its Nutella latte, which is as delicious as it sounds. For those with a sweet tooth, the coffeehouse features several over-sweet drinks, most with fun names — including the caramel Al Pacino.

Pound also has plenty of selections for tea lovers and a lot of food options for those who come with an appetite.

There is plenty of sitting room up front, as well as a backroom with plush chairs and a couch. Brick walls add to the fun, rustic vibe.

Pound is only a five-minute walk from the Eastern Market Metro station (Orange and Blue lines) and a 15-minute walk from the House side of the Capitol.

Whether you’re in the area — or a mile away — Pound’s fun, tasty drinks and food appeal to all.

Ebenezer’s coffee, 201 F St. NE — Located a block from Union Station and a few minutes from the Senate side of the Capitol, Ebenezer’s is the perfect place to grab a cup of joe to go.

It boasts several coffee and tea options, as well as delicious apple cider for those who need a break from caffeine.

Set up as a standard coffee shop, Ebenezer’s has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating with comfortable chairs. The dim lighting and calm music create a nice ambiance and a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the Capitol.

The soothing environment, ample seating and convenient location make Ebenezer’s the perfect place to take a nice break or make a quick coffee run.

Peregrine Espresso, 660 Pennsylvania Ave. SE — A block from the Eastern Market Metro station and a 15-minute walk from the House side of the Capitol, Peregrine’s drink options beckon all.

Only three years old, it boasts an array of coffee options — from Kenyan to Ethiopian to Nicaraguan.

The shop also features many standard coffee and tea options, and the friendly staff is happy to give out drink recommendations to the customers.

Peregrine has a clean, efficient look, with wooden chairs and colorful modern art on the walls. There is plenty of indoor seating and patio-type outdoor seating.

The friendly staff and hearty drink options make Peregrine another great place for a coffee break.

ME Swings, 1702 G St. NW — For those who work on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue, ME Swings provides a plethora of great coffee options.

The wonderful aroma alone is enough to attract anyone to the coffeehouse, which is just a short walk from the White House or Farragut North Metro station.

Along with an extensive beverage menu — from lattes to espressos to plain-old coffee — ME Swings features plenty of tasty treats, including muffins and bagels.

The coffee-related quotes hanging from the ceiling show the coffeehouse’s passion for a finely brewed cup of joe.

For those who can spare a moment or two, ME Swings has a few tables with chairs, as well as stools along the window with a nice view.

ME Swings’s refined coffee and convenient location make it a perfect stop for a caffeine boost.