Earth Day (April 2012)

Affordability and stability

The president says there is little he can do about gasoline prices — while he’s right that we’re part of a world oil market, he’s wrong if he thinks U.S. energy policy doesn’t matter. Americans want an energy policy that promotes and develops affordable and stable sources of energy.

Independence, strong growth

What do Americans want in an energy policy? They don’t want an energy policy that leaves the price of their trip to the grocery store beholden to foreign events and the fluctuations of a volatile commodities market. 

Action on an ‘all-of-the-above’ strategy

If there is any question as to what Americans want in an energy policy, we need look no further than President Obama’s sudden shift in rhetoric as the election approaches. 

Cleaner, cheaper energy technologies

Earlier this year, I introduced, along with 9 other co-sponsors, a straightforward bill to put in place a nationwide clean energy standard, or CES, for electricity.