Employment (June 2010)

The job market outlook

After watching the class of 2009 struggle through one of the worst job markets in history, this year’s college graduates now find themselves in a similar boat.

Wisdom for first-year staffers

Every day, new staffers on Capitol Hill try to figure out how to stand out in a sea of black and gray suits. Whether it’s strange acronyms or the maze of underground tunnels, starting a new job on Capitol Hill can be intimidating.

Before they were Congressmen

Imagine the start of a political career. The logical development might look something like this: law school, campaigning on the local level and then gradually working your way up in the system. The past careers of many members of Congress, however, are in fact much more diverse, and their motivations for pursuing politics vary.

Capitol Hill shops offer solutions for interview clothing needs

You have the pristine resume. You applied for the job of your dreams. You’ve been called in for an interview. It’s no secret that dressing appropriately for the meeting is key to setting a good first impression.

Life coach helps clients find success

When life coach Aurelia Williams sits down with her clients, she begins by asking them the basic, sometimes-dreaded question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

The Capitol Hill experience

From the outside looking in, life on the Hill seems glamorous. Every bus stop, every street corner, every Congressional building is bustling with purpose-driven people who manage to balance a large coffee in one hand, while furiously typing away on their PDA device with the other. Members of Congress or senators alike can be spotted, surrounded by staff and trailed by interns and tourists. So what really goes on inside Capitol Hill? What do these people do? Take a step inside the lives of those who live the Capitol Hill experience every day.