Employment (November 2010)

Employment 101

In this uncertain economic environment, writing your own resume and cover letter and searching for a job on your own sometimes isn’t enough. If you’re wondering how to give yourself a step up, you might want to think about looking into the following services.

Capital hiring ops open up in District

With the high rate of unemployment, new businesses that open in the District are always welcome. Many of those looking for jobs locally flocked to the new Panera Bread that opened recently at Dupont Circle, and the establishment has already accepted numerous applications. Dupont Circle will be one of their first locations here in the Capital.  

The dos and don’ts of D.C. networking

So you’re trying to get a job on Capitol Hill. Not sure where to start? Here are some great tips to jump-start your full-time employment under the Capitol Dome.

How to shop like a pro in the District

You’ve landed the job, but the interview process is far from over — every day will be an interview at first, and the way you dress can really affect what people think of you at the office.

D.C.’s part-time employment ops

Imagine this: you’re working on Capitol Hill and enjoying every second of your job. However, you have an interest in working with children, or perhaps have always wanted to try selling the jewelry you’ve been making since you were in high school.

How to budget funds after you get a new job

You got the job! Great news. But what comes next in regard to properly handling your money? What steps need to be taken to budget accordingly? Oftentimes, the excitement of a new job can wear off quickly, and reality will set in that life is not free. 

Region’s unemployment lowest in U.S.

With unemployment at 5.9 percent, the Washington region in September had the lowest unemployment rate of any metropolitan area with at least one million residents.