Energy (March 2013)

Renewable energy investment is win-win

We have a jobs crisis. A recent report in Oregon showed that, five years after this recession began, there is only one private-sector job opening for every five job seekers. 

Energy independence within our grasp

America is entering a new age of energy abundance, and that makes it an exciting time to be a part of the national energy conversation. 

EPA manufacturing an energy crisis

National news reports are again sounding the alarm about electric grid reliability in large states like California and Texas

Capturing global energy leadership

As the ranking member of the Science, Space and Technology Committee, I have the privilege of hearing first-hand about the incredible cutting-edge work that the federal government supports, from advances in nanotechnology to exploring the frontiers of outer space.

Climate change must factor in smart policy

America is blessed with abundant energy sources, from an array of traditional fuels and natural gas to solar, wind, and other renewable resources.