Energy (May 2013)

Illinois leading the way in nuclear

While it might be better known as the Land of Lincoln and the poster child for fiscal mismanagement, Illinois has long been a leader in the energy sector. It is home to a diverse energy base, with a particularly strong presence of nuclear energy production, and to Argonne National Laboratory. Argonne was the first science and engineering laboratory to build a nuclear reactor, and today it continues to house the best and brightest minds in the nuclear industry. Our 11 nuclear plants generate 48.2 percent of the state’s electricity and employ nearly 5,000 skilled workers in quality, well-paying jobs.

Common-sense energy policy should include increased revenue-sharing

Washington isn’t run on practicality and common sense. Even when discussing domestic energy production, some politicians seem to treat it more like a four-letter word than sensible policy when cozying up to the far-left crowd.