Healthcare (July 2010)

Healthcare reform: Off to a fast start

When the new health reform law was signed into law in late March, it promised increased access to quality, affordable coverage for all Americans, a crackdown on the worst abuses of health insurance companies and a sharp new emphasis on wellness and prevention.

Dr. Berwick, we hardly know you

What can the American people expect from their new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) administrator?

The time for public option has now come

We took a historic first step toward comprehensive healthcare reform with the passage of the Affordable Care Act in April. 

Protecting access to quality affordable care for seniors

Shortly after President Obama was sworn into office last year, leaders in Washington began to discuss how to reform our healthcare system. Many ideas were exchanged, some I agreed with while some I did not support. Like most Americans, I understood our healthcare system is unsustainable and we need to work in a commonsense way to reform it. 

ObamaCare contributes to decline in quality care

There are so many reasons the Obama administration and congressional Democrats gave to justify their government takeover of healthcare that have now been debunked.

Pull 57 million Americans from the brink of diabetes

When it comes to diabetes, the United States now faces a rising tide of damage — measured in lives and dollars — that is far deeper and broader than many recognize.