Healthcare_Medicare - February 12, 2014

Reform medical bidding process to protect seniors

What was Medicare’s competitive bidding process meant to do?

Simply put, it was designed to provide competition and lower prices for our disabled citizens and seniors. But for years, this well-intended process has been overrun with errors and fraud.

US needs a sustainable Medicare

For the millions of Americans nervously hoping that a sound Medicare program will still be available to them by the time they reach their “golden years,” they just may be in luck.

Seniors deserve our full support

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson stood before Congress and announced an “unconditional war on poverty.” He said rightly, “This will not be a short or easy struggle, no single weapon or strategy will suffice, but we shall not rest until that war is won.”

Protecting Medicare’s low-income beneficiaries

Debates about Medicare’s future too often ignore two important facts about the people who rely on Medicare. First, about half of the seniors and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare have limited incomes.