Immigration - December 3, 2013

Prosecutorial discretion — a catalyst for immigration reform

As an immigration attorney of 16 years, I’ve seen firsthand the tragic impact of the inaction in the House of Representatives. And I have to ask myself, do families need to continue to be separated until Congress acts on immigration reform?

Immigration must be selective, limited

In today’s political lexicon, the word “reform” is popular. Americans like to reform things — we’re a nation of reformers — which is why sponsors of all sorts of legislation like to label their offerings as reform.

Immigration: You cannot do nothing

Before Congress left town in November, two teenagers interrupted Speaker John Boehner’s breakfast. As he ate, they asked what he is doing to ensure that they and their families will not be deported. Then, the week of Thanksgiving, an undocumented student who has lived in the U.S. since age 11 interrupted President Obama’s speech on immigration to ask when he would stop the deportations that are splitting up families.