Immigration (June 2010)

Nation, Arizona have a choice to make

Much has been said about Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, allowing state law enforcement officials to stop, question, detain and report individuals based on suspicion of undocumented status. Outrage against this bill is pervasive. Some say it hearkens back to Jim Crow, others say it legalizes racial profiling.  

Administration hostility to enforce laws are part of a broader pattern

Attorney General Eric Holder has threatened to have the federal government sue the people of the State of Arizona for attempting to do what the feds have failed to do: enforce our nation’s laws and secure the border. This is not surprising because President Barack Obama has assailed the law. And, despite admitting that they had not actually read the legislation, both Mr. Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have criticized it as well.  

Wade through opinions to get all of the facts

During the last several weeks, there has been a constant stream of media reports and commentary over how the State of Arizona intends to enforce its new law to respond to the challenges posed by illegal immigration. 

New Arizona law calls for Congressional action

The law Arizona passed catapulted immigration back into the headlines. What had started as a strategy to help reelect the governor and promote ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth’s Senate bid to unseat John McCain has now become international news.