Labor (September 2009)

Restore rights for workers to rebuild the middle class

America’s great middle class was built during the heyday of union membership. Unionized employees fought for and won the 40-hour workweek, health insurance, pensions, and a fair share of the wealth created by rising productivity and an expanding economy.

‘Cash for Clunkers’ is over, but effect helps keep economy rolling

In just a short time, the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), also known as “Cash for Clunkers,” provided a tremendous boost to our nation’s economy. As families were eager to lower their gas bills, they rushed into showrooms to purchase new, more fuel-efficient vehicles. While traveling to dealerships and meeting with constituents in my home state of Michigan, it was clear that many participants in the program had no plans to buy a new car but the incentives enticed individuals to do so. With the surge in new sales, August turned out to be a great month for America’s car dealers.

Time to invest in national manufacturing policy

A few days ago in Cincinnati, President Barack Obama and I joined thousands of Ohioans at the nation’s largest Labor Day picnic. Workers and their families, friends and neighbors gathered together to honor the dignity and dedication of our workers.

Government as workplace dictator

Washington — where bad ideas can always find a home! Lately, Congress has been trying to take over your healthcare, tax your energy usage and buy an automobile for your neighbor with your grandchildren’s money. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Washington now wants to dictate wages, benefits, and terms of employment in the American workplace.

Education, innovation is the path to U.S. jobs

Over the last three decades American workers have seen their wages stagnate and their jobs moved overseas. If America is to compete in the integrated global market of the future, it must do so through continuous innovation. We must leverage our unique intellectual capital and entrepreneurial spirit to create the jobs of the future and reinvigorate our middle class.

Employees’ free choice abolished under card-check

In light of the financial climate, Washington must support sound policies that keep and create American jobs, not promote legislation that allows intimidation in the workplace and has the potential to further derail our economy.