Love & Marriage (March 2010)

All things wedding

Although some women may dream for the weddings in the likes of magazines and TV shows, no one wants a cookie-cutter wedding. Don’t settle for any old off-the-rack dress, flower arrangement, invitation or cake, check out these great places to make your special day just that — yours.

Where to go for a perfect date

Dates in Washington can be stressful to plan. How much to spend, what neighborhood to visit and how long to stay out are all questions necessary to address to ensure a satisfactory evening.

Planning a D.C.-area ceremony

Planning a wedding can be difficult. Fortunately, Washington is a great city with a lot of opportunities to find wedding planners, catering and cakes, as well as great honeymoon destinations. The Hill put together a wedding planning guide for all your needs on the big day.

Wedding planning - for the grooms

Guys, we know that weddings are tough. You’ve got to find a nice ring, a romantic proposal spot and a dashing tux. You’re facing a loss of bachelorhood and the freedom that comes with it. But there’s no reason why getting married can’t be the most memorable moment of your life. Follow these tips to make taking the plunge run a lot more smoothly.

The chief officer of romance

Ronnie Mervis is the head of Mervis Diamonds, the principal importer of diamonds in the D.C. area. Mervis, who is South African, is fun and lighthearted during our phone interview, calling himself Chief Romance Officer, or CRO, of Mervis.

Finding love on Capitol Hill

What do two legislative assistants, a scheduler, a Capitol policeman and two people who met on the Obama campaign have in common? They all found love in the most unlikely of places — on Capitol Hill.

Places to meet people in D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a wonderful city to meet people. If you’re yearning for new friends, or perhaps better work contacts or even a significant other, here are five great places to meet someone new.

DIY Obama Date Nights

It’s a twenty-first century fairytale: the First Lady dashes down the White House steps in an elegant black gown, warm winter coat to protect against the still chilly late winter nights. She’ll sweep across the White House lawns, into a waiting motorcade, where her tall, handsome Commander in Chief will lead them to an elusive culinary getaway.

Wedding photography

Bryan Blanken runs a booming photography business out of Bethesda and is quick to thank all of his employees for making his business thrive.

Love in Congress

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)

Saving money is not a new trend for Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah). He fell in love with the concept more than 20 years ago, shortly after meeting his soon-to-be wife, Julie, at an Arizona wedding.