Places to meet people in D.C.

1. Touring the monuments – The monuments can be a great place to meet new people. If you want to wait until the weather gets warmer, that may be ideal, but this late wintertime could be the perfect time for Cupid to shoot his arrow your way while you’re on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The monuments are by far the best looking at night. After a dinner with friends on a weekend, take a stroll downtown with your best friend and enjoy the monuments lit up by the moonlight. There’s something magical about the history of the town and who knows, you may meet someone who decided to play tourist this weekend too.

2. At a new bar or restaurant – There are plenty of new and interesting places opening up in the area over the next few months. Pete’s a Pizza is set to open a second store in the Friendship Heights area, which could mean possibly exchanging glances (and maybe eventually phone numbers) with the attractive man or woman who wanders in every Friday as you do for your weekly pizza fix.

The Iron Horse Tap Room opened up late last month in the Penn Quarter area. The two-level bar will include a more upscale upstairs lounge and downstairs will be filled with games, including skeeball. There will also be jukeboxes perfect for you to meet that special someone over choosing your favorite song.

Also, although its not terribly new, Curbside Cupcakes roams the D.C. area on work days, frequenting the downtown and Dupont areas most. If you’re up for something sweet, follow them on Twitter or check out their website for their weekly schedule. Who knows, you may meet your future boyfriend or girlfriend with your same sweet tooth.

3. On the metro – We have all taken it at one time or another and sized up the man or woman squished against us on those crowded rush hour commutes. With all the people on your car, striking up a conversation about the crowded nature of Metro with the person next to you could be the jumping off point to a great relationship.

Also, with all the delays on Metro, while you’re waiting on the platform for the next car to arrive, it could be fun to take off your iPod or put down your Blackberry and chat with the man or woman next to you that you thought was attractive.

4.  On the Hill – Capitol Hill is a wonderful place to meet people if you’re single. Many events occur daily on the hill, including happy hours and talks given by Congressmen, Senators or other leaders.

Next time you’re at an event for your respective Congressman or Senator, strike up a conversation with the person sitting next to you. It could result in the next great Republican or Democratic love story.

Of course, at happy hours, you could always end up meeting someone from the opposite party as you. At least you’ll have plenty to talk about.

5. Through friends – Washington, D.C., as many have already figured out, is quite the small town. Many friends of yours may have friends that you met at one networking event or a get-together.

Utilize those contacts you meet at various events, even if it’s just for a new friend or a great person to know for work-related reasons someday.