Wedding planning - for the grooms

Finding the right girl was hard enough without finding a spot to ask for her hand in marriage. Fortunately, Washington is one of most scenic cities on the planet, with no shortage of monuments and architectural wonders to serve as a backdrop to the magic moment. Take your lady on a romantic stroll of the National Mall, and when the mood is right, drop down on one knee to pop the question. Chances are a tourist will be more than willing to document the moment on camera.

The couple’s first dance is one of most memorable moments of any ceremony. When all eyes are on you, do you really want to be stepping on your bride’s toes? Fortunately, Dance Factory in Arlington offers a wedding package for couples who wish to spare themselves certain embarrassment. The school, which, according to their website, “specializes in calming nerves,” offers a five-week “survival” course, or 12 weeks of lessons for those who really want to impress. The Dance Factory is located across the street from the Virginia Square-GMU Metro station on the Orange Line.

 Also, a well-planned bachelor party can speak volumes about the groom’s intelligence and social skills. For a venue that will get the job done without breaking the bank, here is something that should do the trick — The Hawk and Dove Restaurant, located at 329 Pennsylvania Ave. SE.

It is described as “the archetypal Capitol Hill bar — not the mythical kind where movers and shakers make big deals over expense-account meals.” Inside are featured six rooms where private parties can be reserved. A dance floor upstairs can allow for the fun to continue.