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Washington is a city built on tradition and history, so why should your D.C. wedding be any different? Preserve your family’s history, and perhaps add a modern facelift, by bringing your mother’s wedding dress to Diana’s Couture and Bridal. This self-proclaimed “gown doctor” specializes in recreating “your mother’s gown to be yours” on top of a plethora of other wedding needs. If it’s a new dress, an old dress, a blue dress, a borrowed dress, or no dress at all, walk down the aisle to Diana’s Couture and Bridal for all of your dressing needs. Located right in D.C. on Wisconsin Avenue, Diana’s shop is a one-stop shop for all wedding day clothing accessories. Try as you might to worry about all the other details of your wedding, the dress is the one that leaves people talking. To make a dress, alter a dress, dye your shoes, or pick up other handmade bridal accessories, find your fairy godmother at

What may start many courtships is also an important item when ending the courtship and beginning the next chapter. Many brides yearn to have flowers at their wedding that will stay just as memorable as those on their first date. Find the perfect petals and designs that give even the first lady’s rose garden a run for her money. GreenWorks, a company that continues to be a rose above the rest, is the perfect answer to your planted necessities. With a range of styles from contemporary to chic, these flowers present a simple way to make a statement at your wedding in whatever voice you please. Who knew a flower could say so much? With four locations right in the D.C. area, finding the right flower arrangement doesn’t take a green thumb anymore. Visit to find something to fit your style. Although all brides need something blue, adding something green is always a fresh way to start things off.

“You’re invited!” is no longer the only message sent out on wedding invitations. The invites are now the pre-show, the sneak preview to your wedding day. While they still fill the simple necessity of sending out all your wedded bliss details, invitations are a neat and nifty way to share all of the thrill and excitement of your wedding, just pint-sized. With a myriad of papers, prints and pastels, invites are the perfect way to envelop your guest in not only the theme of your wedding but the feeling of it too. To make your invitations say something more than where to R.S.V.P., pencil in a date with Zoya Couture on, for all your “chic, classy, charismatic” invitations needs. Conveniently located in D.C., Zoya Couture is the perfect place to make your invitations say something special.

And while invites are no longer just a headcount, cakes are now layers above just a simple dessert. Far away are the days when the only cake choice you had to make was chocolate or vanilla. But having options doesn’t mean your wedding dessert has to be another stresser to make you in search of another comfort food. To find a wedding cake that is just as decadent and fancy as your wedding dress, if not more so, check out Fancy Cakes by Leslie. With a myriad of different cake designs, and a clientele including Jennifer Lopez and the Pope, these cakes make anyone want to say, “I do” just for the sweet treat afterward.

Not in the market for a marriage? Try one of their cupcakes, which are decorated just as beautifully as a five-layer wedding cake. Check it out at