Neighborhood Series: Golden Triangle/Dupont Circle

A day in Dupont

When faces chap in the crisp wind and gold and red leaves crunch underfoot, the Dupont Circle neighborhood seems to come alive with something to offer every taste.

The perfect date

The Golden Triangle neighborhood has a lot of great restaurants that stand out on their own, but when paired with another part of the cultural aspect of D.C., both can be a night to remember.

Where to go for drinks

The Golden Triangle and Dupont neighborhoods are great places with vibrant nightlife to experience. Here are some great nightlife spots to relax and enjoy some downtime. 

A shopper's delight

Proper Topper
1350 Connecticut Ave. NW

Dining out

Kellari Taverna
1700 K St. NW

Power-lunch spots

The Golden Triangle neighborhood is full of offices with many upscale restaurants that provide great opportunities for a traditional D.C. “power lunch.” Here are some great ones to try.

See the sights

If you’re interested in being a tourist for the weekend, or perhaps have family or friends coming to town, here are some great tours and hotels that display what the Golden Triangle and Dupont Circle have to offer.

Where to laugh

If you’re tired of the same old multiplex in your neighborhood, you may want to venture to the Golden Triangle area downtown to the D.C. Improv — then branch out to other live venues including the National Theatre and Shakespeare Theatre.

Where to take a break

No matter how you cut it, eight hours is a long time to sit in one place. If you find yourself in a late-afternoon slump or forgot your lunch at home, head out to one of our work distractions for a nice break from the average workday.