Ohio Energy Summit

Numerous industries feel benefits of Ohio’s resources

As the foundation of America’s manufacturing sector, the business of chemistry has deep roots in the state of Ohio, the site of today’s “Energy Jobs Summit” in Columbus.   Chemical manufacturers and plastics producers both large and small call Ohio home because of the state’s well-educated workforce, central location, commitment to innovation and long tradition of hard work.  But even as we speak, Ohio is becoming an even more attractive place to do business because of the state’s potential to become a major energy producer. 

Fracking innovations enhancing energy independence

“Energy independence,” long an empty promise gladly served up by crafty politicians eager to curry favor with unwitting voters, might be a lot closer than even the most starry-eyed dreamer could have imagined only a short time ago.

Balancing on a tight resource rope

Conventional wisdom tells us that the U.S. oil-and-gas boom is a welcomed turn of events — especially in the Midwest’s heavily industrialized and economically struggling Rust Belt states, tight shale oil and gas appear to be new varieties of precious black gold.

Natural gas: game changer for American manufacturing

Domestic natural gas holds the potential to yield revolutionary economic and energy benefits for the United States.  Fully developing our natural gas resources from the shale formations across the country will provide low-cost and reliable sources of energy that will boost our competitiveness, and spur an American manufacturing renaissance which the steel industry, with its ripple effect throughout the supply chain, is helping to lead.  

Energy production: the key to prosperity

Oil and natural gas production from shale formations is providing a clear path forward for American energy security and economic growth. At a time when our economic recovery still hangs in the balance, we need an energy policy that recognizes oil and natural gas production from shale holds the key to ushering in a new era of prosperity.