Professional Development (April 2011)

DC’s unique career opportunities

D.C.’s young professionals don’t shy away from competition as they seek to develop their careers in politics, journalism and nonprofit work.

Etiquette for the workplace

Whether you are taking on your first job or your sixth, learning the dynamics of a new office can be difficult. 

Your guide to master’s programs

Washington is a great town to pursue post-graduate work — with multiple colleges and universities in the area, many offer master’s programs that suit your specific needs. 

Intern’s guide to Capitol Hill

In today’s society, having a résumé padded with a long list of internships is often a prerequisite to landing a full-time job. Capitol Hill is a mecca for interns to get their start in politics, with many working professionals in the city boasting at least one semester of internship experience. But while internships can be helpful in networking, gaining relevant experience and even landing a job, they can also land you a bad reputation if you don’t conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.