Spring Dining (April 2006)

Make and bake: the new fast-food trend for busy people

For Clare Doherty, a working mother, finding the time and energy to cook dinner is a constant challenge.

It is a challenge many families in D.C. and across the country know all too well.

Two new steakhouses close to convention center

Since opening on 15th Street, Bobby Van’s Steakhouse has become a favored downtown haunt for lobbyists and members of Congress, particularly those from New York.

A large order of panorama with a side of excitement

When choosing an interesting and unique setting to host an important catered business meeting or family social this spring, you may not think of sweaty men or women running after a ball during your main course.

What's new around the District

In the constantly evolving D.C.-area dining scene, several eateries have recently opened or will open soon.