State of the Union (February 2013)

Strengthen nation’s security with improvements to DHS

With each natural disaster or thwarted terror plot, Americans are reminded of how exposed we are to threats against our way of life. Over the course of the 113th Congress, the United States will face unprecedented national security challenges, and while we have made great progress in protecting our nation since 9/11, there still is much work to be done.

Gridlock on immigration reform is unacceptable

Everyone in the media and in Washington is saying, “This is the year we will pass immigration reform.” And everyone I talk to says, “We have heard that before and it never happens. Why should we believe you this time?” That is a fair question, but I am extremely optimistic that immigration reform will get across the finish line this year. The policy, the politics, the economics and the momentum from the last election are all lining up and pointing toward action, if the people make it happen.

Congress can no longer ignore gun violence

It’s difficult to fathom that the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School happened two months ago this week.

2013’s many windows of opportunity

If terms like “continuing resolution” or “debt ceiling” seem like déjà vu, there’s a good reason. 

Specific reforms to entitlements must be outlined

This could be the decisive and historic year the federal government swerves away from bankruptcy. But progress will require the president and his party to exercise previously unseen political courage on entitlement reform.