Technology (June 2011)

Wireless broadband is a call to action

The wireless revolution is transforming the way we do business, educate our kids, and live our lives. 

US must maintain an environment where its tech sector can flourish

The technology industry in America is a major driving force and job-creating engine of our economy. In order to grow our national economy, we must ensure this vital sector is protected and able to flourish. Just two weeks ago, the House Republican Technology Working Group, which I chair, presented its agenda, which focuses on the issues that will help America maintain and expand its competitive edge in the technology sector while creating jobs to fuel economic growth.

Preventing a cyber Sept. 11

The Internet is a paradox. It is a manmade domain, yet we cannot fully predict how it will grow. It has spawned remarkable technological advances, while also creating new threats to the foundations of our society. These characteristics have presented considerable challenges for policymakers trying to protect our security while encouraging the Internet to grow. Unfortunately, our policies and laws have not kept pace with the circumstances that we face.