Technology (June 2013)

Protect consumers online

Let’s say you are interested in finding information about a new restaurant you passed in the car this morning, or decide to quickly research ideas for a last-minute summer vacation. If you’re wondering whether the schools are better on the other side of town, you can go online during your lunch break and get reviews within seconds. Almost instinctively now, we turn to the Internet for fast access to all of this information.

Privacy laws need update for digital age

Recent government breaches on Americans’ privacy — from the NSA to the IRS — demonstrate that our federal privacy laws have not kept pace with technological advances and emerging privacy concerns.

Cyber criminals responsible for damaging our economy

On the heels of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States, Edward Snowden’s illegal and damaging leaks of sensitive national security programs directly undermined a key message that President Obama delivered: Stop stealing American intellectual property.