The Budget (February 2011)

Obama should lead on tough spending cuts to entitlements, tax reform

President Obama’s budget proposal takes some important first steps to address the challenge of surging federal deficits and debt, but we’ll need to do a lot more if we want to actually solve the problem.

America’s crossroads

Through 10 presidential administrations and 28 sessions of Congress, Americans planned and paved a state-of-the-art highway network.

Win the future by investing in the future

President Obama’s 2012 budget builds a solid foundation for congressional Democrats to put America’s middle class back to work and build a 21st century economy. Recognizing that national debt and deficit reduction is a long-term project, the president’s budget starts this painful but important process. 

President punts on entitlement reform

President Obama’s budget took hundreds of pages to deliver one essential message: “Republicans, you’re on your own.”

Police and firefighters are our security

President Lincoln, who led our nation through a time of great crisis, warned us that a house divided against itself cannot stand. 

Budget concerns from a business owner’s perspective

As a business owner for almost 30 years, I spent my day pinching pennies until they turned into nickels. I understand the responsibility that goes into signing the front of a check, balancing a budget and making tough decisions on where to cut, where to save and where to grow.